Work – Life Integration

Foundation to Work – Life Integration

As the Work-Life movement has gained momentum, studies of the “Best Companies to Work For” have shown that company provided programs produce measurable bottom line results. Such initiatives, policies and benefits support individual work-life integration.

Personal Responsibility for work-life integration

The ideal work-life integration varies from person to person and changes for each of us over time. We must regularly find and create for ourselves, the balance that makes the most of our opportunities and responsibilities. Meeting our professional and personal expectations requires action and results.

How to create work-life integration?

Producing better work-life integration results and accomplishing business objectives involves education and training. Practical work-life integration training delivers the tools and skills that allow each employee to take ownership for creating value and balance and to assume accountability for their performance and output.

The Solution by the Organization

The organization can provide “Work-Life Integration” program as part of its ongoing Work-Life strategy. It can deliver a practical, results oriented framework, with tools and skills for thinking and acting more productively in work and in life. With this program, employees achieve more and enjoy more at work every day and personally contribute to making the company “A Great Place to Work.”

Course Benefits

At the end of this one-day course participants will have methods, tools and approaches to :

  • Identify the roles and activities which require different levels of attention
  • Exert more control over their time and energy
  • Learn steps to create greater work-life balance
  • Capitalize on the science of happiness and achieving balance between career and personal life

Course Content

  • Understanding current life-work imbalance and how it affects women
  • Understanding the factors causing imbalance
  • Ten Indicators of work-life imbalance
  • Life and work responsibilities – the roles women have
  • Coping with competing demands and maintaining concentration
  • Understanding the energy "barometer" and managing energy levels
  • Getting priorities right and protecting them
  • Reducing Stress
  • Strategies for upgrading the quality of our lives and nurturing well-being
  • Making Choices and  Changes
  • Steps to maintain work-life balance


Lectures, Discussions, Case Study, Role Plays, Experiential Learning Activities and Feedback.


1 days-Work-Life Balance – Human Potential Development Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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