Vision and Goal Achievement Workshop

Research On ‘Peak Performers’

Extensive research done at Harvard University, MIT, Cornell and University of California by David Mc Clelland, Abraham Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, Dr. Charles Garfield and others, mentions one common fact -‘every peak performer is a systematic goal setter’. Peak performing managers and executives are ‘motivated by compelling burning vision and goals’. A clear Vision and Goal orientation is the hallmark of all high achieving and successful individuals as well as organizations.

Benefits Of Vision and Goal Achievement

Having a clear Vision, Goal achievement and achievement enables the managers to create balance and synergy between his roles, vision and the organizational mission. Clear, specific and precise goals aid managers and employees to monitor performance. As an ongoing activity it helps to –

  • Build achievement orientation
  • Motivate Performance
  • Make the Corporate Goal meaningful for the individual and the organization and take it in the desired direction
  • Accelerate the growth of the individual and the organization in the desired direction
  • Facilitate performance planning and appraisal through goal achievement
  • Make people more capable in meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow

Programme Overview

  • Developing an empowering life’s mission, vision and goal statements
  • Identifying and creating balance-cum-synergy between roles and goals
  • Important ingredients of goals
  • Set and achieve goals in six dimensions
  • The seven questions to goal setting and achievement
  • The steps of effective goal setting and achievement
  • The eight mental laws and principles governing goal attainment
  • Skills to translate mission and vision into achievable goals, mental programming, visualization and affirmations
  • Creating a framework for goal setting and achievement and review                                     
  • Characteristics of a goal achieving personality
  • The science of Neuro-psychology in goal setting and achievement


2 Days-Corporate Human Potential Development Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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