“Your unique and participative training style makes your programmes Excellent. Participants have definite value additions due to your more participative approach.”

– Shirish Joshi
  Dy. Director – HRD
  Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“All my team is charged positively, thanks to you. To some extent you have made my job easier. It met my expectations completely.”

– Mr. S.P.Pathak
  Sr. V.P. – Manufacturing
  Mahindra & Mahindra

“Excellent! Superb! There is a lot we can learn from him. His training style is very apt and enjoyable. The biggest benefit is to act the way he taught us.”

– Satish Ghogre
  V.P., R & D
  Mahindra & Mahindra

“I found the program very effective. Mr. Vyas is very sincere and genuine in his approach. His training style creates a lasting impact. I personally implement the learnings from this program to make myself more effective.”

– Dr. Gayatri Phadke
  Manager – Management Development
  Reliance Industries Ltd

“The programme was remarkably motivating. It has helped me to know how to inspire my team. He puts everything into a experiential learning – make his training more effective.”

– Arusha Gupta
  Asst. Manager – H.R.
  TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)

“His style of training and overall presentation is excellent. The program contents are very good.”

– J.D.Mane
  Training – In charge
  Kirloskar Copeland

“Your training will help me to overcome the problems in my organization. Your programme was an excellent guiding force for me about how to look at my problems and solve them.”

– V.R.Potnis
  Asst. Manager – H.R.
  Clariant Chemicals (I) Ltd

“You were wonderful – as usual. I find your training engrossing, effective and extremely useful. It definitely makes a positive impact on my work.”

– V.G.Sardesai
  G.M. (Domestic Business)
  Kirloskar Copeland

“You know how to make the program an enjoyable learning experience. Your timely sense of humor, along with your pleasing style of presentation makes it easy to learn.”

– Abraham Mathews
  Manufacturing Officer
  Cadbury India

“It was a very good learning experience. You are a very knowledgeable and fluent speaker. You made all of us comfortable in your interactive style. I look forward to implementing what I have learnt.”

– Kedar Dhopeshwarkar
  Executive – Accounts
  Lloyds Register Asia

“As a trainer Mr. Vyas was excellent. The training programme was more practical and that has helped me tremendously. It will help me to take my decisions fast, in the right positive manner and face problems effectively.”

– Uma Rege
  Branch Manager
  Saraswat Co-op Bank

“Mr. Kartik presented with elegance and grace. His expertise on the subject was apparent. His presentation had a beginning, middle and end that all provided clarity and flowed well. Thank you for being in my life experience.”

– Baer Tobin
  Living Life Administries

“Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic – Accelerated learning takes place when we use all three. Mr. Kartik did an excellent job incorporating all of them.”

– Debra Nelson

“Mr. Kartik is a great speaker. Clear and inspirational.”

– Brandy Wade

“The Kartik Vyas I learnt from years back and the Kartik Vyas today – an amazing and mind blowing personality today.”

– Leena Naik
  Senior Commercial Executive
  Bajaj Electricals Ltd

“Your style is like a flowing story embedded with points and morals which get imprinted on my mind and I’m inspired to act on them.”

– Deepali Kulkarni
  Research Scientist
  Astron Research

“I must appreciate your efforts and convincing skills in the programme. It was worth spending the day. Thank you for … creating the suitable climate for learning for all of us. I would unlearn some of my old habits and apply this learning effectively. Hats off!!!”

– Raj Kishore Jha
  Tata Consultancy Services

“Mr. Vyas is extremely energetic and thoroughly knowledgeable. He has a matter of fact way of convincing about difficult concepts too. Humor added an extra flavor to the learning.”

– Samir Phadke
  Reginal Sales Manager
  Kirloskar Copeland

“Excellent Program! Mr. Vyas is an excellent trainer. He makes things so simple to understand which otherwise could be boring and difficult. His skills of training makes even passive people to do things in an effective manner in life.”

– Shailendra Deshmukh
  Quality Control Engineer
  Larsen & Toubro

“This is the best training that I ever had in my life!”

– Joy Patel
  L & T

“He has an extremely effective style of training that leaves a lasting impression on my mind.”

– Manthan Desai
L & T

“Beautiful training style. I have attended more than 25 programs of a similar type. This is one of the best!”

– Rajesh Menon
  Manger, Procurement & Contracts
  Reliance Industries Ltd

“Mr. Vyas delivered the training so nicely that he touched our heart. I got solutions, even without me telling him our problems.”

– Pradip Patel
  Ramdev Food Products Pvt. Ltd

“Mr. Vyas explains the subject lucidly and comprehensively. I feel enriched!”

– Pramod Singhvi
  Chief Manager
  Bank of Baroda

“I found the course very useful in these days of stress and modernization. Mr. Vyas has got a very good command over the subject and is very clear in his thought and fluent in expression.”

– G. Bala Asst. Commissioner
  Customs & Central Excise, Ahmedabad III Commissionerate
  Govt. of India

“Instead of a day wasted in life, today was a day invested. It was an effortless presentation! Thorough on the topic! Insightful learning!”

– Arun Karwa
  Managing Partner
  Arun Karwa & Co., Chartered Accountants

“Rich Content!”

– Debasis Satapathy
  Idea Cellular

“The program was excellent. It was very helpful to overcome the stress and strain of life. Helps me to think out of the box and be positive.”

– Prashant Ghoelia
  Ultra Tech Cement

“This was a very eye-opening – rather ‘heart opening’ program. It is not fair to call it training. Rather, it helps you to move towards self-actualization. It is a developmental tool for any leader-to-be.”

– Vimal Bhatt
  TCS – Tata Consultancy Services