Staying Motivated and Performing in Challenging Times

An Overview

We in India are now coping with increasing work pressures, tight deadlines, reducing manpower, downsizing and consequent job insecurities. Research now demonstrates a consistent correlation between motivation and business performance. Self-Motivation is today recognized by many business leaders as one of the ingredients that distinguish exceptional performance from mediocre performance. According to Management Guru Peter Senge, “there is a real possibility that motivation will replace cost control as a major strategic concern of top management.”

Overall Objective

  • To explore and develop the competencies for high self-motivation
  • Devising a pathway to sustained motivation and performance
  • How to stay motivated and perform in all times is the prime objective of the workshop.


  • Competencies and Skills that Build and Maintain High Self-Motivation
  • Demolishing Your Demotivators
  • Factors that Contribute to Self-Motivation
  • Key Motivational Principles
  • How Self-Motivated People Manage their Environment
  • Learned Optimism: the Secret of Star Performers
  • Building a Powerful Vision
  • Identifying Your Needs and Devising Ways to meet them
  • Planning to keep Motivation high when feeling low
  • Managing Stress to stay focused, motivated and productive
  • Monitoring Behavior to Boost Performance
  • Devising Commitment Strategies to Sustain Peak Performance


Assessment Questionnaires, Games, Interactive Exercises and Activities, Lecturettes and Discussions.


1 day-Corporate Human Potential Development Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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