Speed Reading

Too Much To Read And Too Little Time

With the growing information overload, we are all being swamped with large quantities of reading matter.

In today’s fast paced world, those with the capacity for quick and immediate understanding have the decisive edge.

This training programme is for people at all levels – who feel the need to increase their reading speed and retention.

Features Of This Training Programme

Speed Reading :

  • Gives deeper insights into the process of Reading, Concentration and Understanding
  • Teaches efficient techniques of mastering Reading Skills
  • Promotes better and faster Understanding

The programme is entirely practical resulting in positive, tangible improvements. In the past, participants have usually gained a 200% improvement in their Effective Reading speed.


  • Reading as a Digestive Process
  • The role of the “Conscious’ and ‘Subconscious’ Mind in Reading
  • Surveying your current reading skills.
  • Guy Buswell experiments : Why most adults do not read efficiently
  • Overcoming barriers in your Reading Efficiency
  • Reading Speeds and Needs
  • The six levels in the Hierarchy of Learning.
  • The three Areas and four levels of Reading Skills Development

Skills Learnt In This Training Are

  • How to read with a purpose
  • How to read efficiently and save time
  • How to improve comprehension
  • How to find the Main Idea in your reading quickly
  • How to adjust your speeds to different kinds of materials
  • How to make a thorough study of any material – the 7 steps
  • How to remember what you read


Intensely practical, the training will include ‘Reading Skills practices, Speed and Comprehension checks” throughout. Specifically developed training materials will be supplied and used extensively during the training.


2 Days-Corporate Speed Reading Skills Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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