Personal and Professional Mastery through NLP

The Role of Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP)

If there is one salient feature of modern business, it is the fast and accelerating pace of change – change not only in the global economy and its increasing complexity, but also in technology, jobs, lifestyles and corporate organizations. More than ever, individuals, managers and organizations need to find ways of dealing with change, improving personal performance and creativity, exerting influence, managing people, and building vision, values and goals. NLP helps managers and employees do this and more.

NLP is an optimistic, goal-focused model that strives to elicit the best from people. By enhancing performance and self-belief, it can generate new human resources in the service of personal and corporate success. Importantly, NLP has made a careful and elaborate study of useful patterns in human communication. Passing these skills on to managers and employees facilitates better relationships, reduces misunderstandings, promotes shared effort and aids team building.

NLP in Business

Since its emergence in the 1970’s, NLP is today accepted as a powerful aid to communication, learning and managing change. In business, NLP is used to make performance breakthroughs in a wide variety of areas – coaching and mentoring, motivation, public speaking, decision making, influencing, personal communication, meeting skills, planning, project management, strategy formulation, sales presentations, managing conflict, negotiation, team building, leadership, creativity and problem solving.

What Is NLP?

  • It explores what goes on inside a person – his/her subjective experience
  • It studies the ingredients of Human Excellence:
  • how the brain works
  • how people think, feel, learn and motivate themselves
  • how people interact with others, make choices and achieve goals
  • It gives methods to model and adopt other people’s skills and ways of working and integrate them to achieve peak performance and excellence.


  • Visionary Leadership
  • Setting goals that motivate
  • Model and reproduce the performance of effective Leaders
  • Enhancing communication channels
  • Influence to avoid resistance and opposition
  • Generating new approaches and perspective on problems
  • Planning and Strategy: Making creative and strong strategies
  • How to run creative and effective meetings
  • Elicit high-performance states from others
  • Harnessing individual initiative
  • Turning weaknesses into opportunities
  • How to say ‘no’ without losing rapport or jeopardizing future cooperation
  • The key to peak performance
  • Making decisions: Resolving uncertainty
  • Reconciling differences between individual and organisational goals
  • Eliciting high performance states from people
  • Transfer learning back to the workplace.


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