Mentoring for Developing Your People

The Rationale

The concept of Mentoring has been used for centuries. Today it is growing in usage as a management development tool. However there is still a mystique surrounding the word. In this program participants will discover the essentials of Mentoring, how to do it and why it is necessary in today’s business world.


  • To demystify the concept of the mentor
  • To raise levels of awareness of mentoring
  • To provide a framework by which mentoring skills can be developed and implemented


  • Empowers employees
  • Aligns employees to organization’s vision and goals
  • Quickens the pace of integrating new employees into their roles in the organization
  • Enables employees to grow to their potential

Benefits to Mentors

  • Provides challenge and stimulation
  • Enables them to identify future potential
  • Gives development opportunities
  • Recognition of mentor’s development skills by higher management
  • Satisfaction at success of protégé

Benefits to the Organization

  • More effective staff
  • Senior managers demonstrate greater commitment to training and development
  • Improved communication across the organization
  • Increased motivation of all parties involved

Who should attend

Line and Staff managers across all functions who have responsibilities of developing their subordinates.


  • Role of the mentor
  • The three phases of the Mentoring Model
  • Understanding Learning Styles
  • Identifying Learning Opportunities
  • Identifying the development needs of the employee
  • Communication, Listening and Giving Feedback Skills
  • Coaching, Counseling and Motivation Skills
  • Monitoring and Evaluating protege’s Learning and Progress


Discussions, Group Activities, Role Play, Experiential Learning Activities.


2 Days – Corporate Mentoring for Development of your People Workshops


For Group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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