Managing Stress

Stress In the Business World

Managing in the corporate environment is becoming very demanding with increasing competition and globalization. Today’s business world and the manager’s life style pattern make him vulnerable to stress.

Effective managers are becoming aware of the increased pressures they are experiencing. No executive can afford to ignore the effects of stress. More working days are lost through stress related illness than ever before.

Effects on an Organization

Stress has an even greater detrimental effect on important functions of management such as the effectiveness of decision – making, the quality of interpersonal relationships, the standard of work, the quality of work life and ultimately – the level of productivity.

Stress is not only at work. It permeates every aspect of the executives’ life and emanates from situations arising outside the workplace. Once excessive stress levels develop they remain with the Manager – at work and at home.


This programme helps Managers, Executives and Employees :

  • Develop a deeper understanding of stress
  • Measure their vulnerability to stress
  • Create awareness of their conscious and subconscious sources of stress
  • Recognise reactions to stress
  • Understand the interplay of body, mind and emotions in the stress process
  • Learn, apply and experience techniques to reduce stress
  • Adopt strategies to manage stress to achieve peak performance
  • Use practical Yoga techniques to raise their stress threshold

The entire structure of this programme is designed to manifest the positive, creative and relaxed facets in the personality of the participants.


Understanding Stress

  • The Stress Process and the Stress Cycle
  • Assessing Vulnerability to Stress
  • Identifying the Physical, Mental, and Behavioural Symptoms of Stress.

Role of Body, Mind and Personality

  • Type A and Type B Personality
  • The Stress Response Vs The Relaxation Response
  • Internal Vs External Locus of Control
  • Coping with Life Stress
  • Psychosomatic problems of Stress

Work and Stress

  • Assessing ability to cope with Work Stress.
  • Characteristics of Potentially Stressful jobs
  • Sources of Role Stress at Work
  • Effects of Stress on Performance

Techniques for Relieving Stress

  • Experiencing mental peace
  • Meditation for achieving inner tranquillity
  • Exercise and therapeutic techniques
  • Rhythmic breathing to reduce stress levels
  • Psychosomatic and Relaxation techniques

Strategies for Reducing Stress

  • Stress Busters
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional, Inter personal and Spiritual Strategies
  • The 3 R’s – Rest, Relaxation and Recreation Diet and Stress

Guiding Principles for a Stress Free Life

  • Developing a vision for the future
  • Developing a personal plan of action

Who Should Attend

Top Executives face Stress Managers face Stress Supervisors, Subordinates face Stress Sales, Support and Front-Line Staff Face Stress Manufacturing, R & D, Marketing, HRD ….. all who face Stress.


Lecturettes, Discussions, Questionnaires, Games, Group Activities, Stress Management and Relaxation techniques. Practical Situations from Business, Industry and Home are considered.


2 days-Corporate Stress Management – Human Potential Development Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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