Listening Skills

It Pays To Listen

Poor listeners are expensive employees! This is being recognized throughout the business world. Most people listen at less than 25% efficiency. Training in listening expands these limits. Listening is an important leadership skill. Henry Ford considered listening as “the one secret of success.”

The Power Of Listening

Listening’s potential for solving problems is unlimited. The human key to better quality is not an order from above. It is the feeling of community that develops when people really listen to each other. This is the secret of Quality circles the world over.


  • Effective Listening- Self Evaluation Exercise
  • Role of Non Verbal Behavior
  • Non Verbal Do’s and Don’ts
  • Assessing Nonverbal Listening Profile – A Checklist
  • Influences that affect the quality of Listening Skills
    • Family influences on Listening habits
  • What is Active Listening
    • Responses that aid Active Listening
  • Listening, Understanding and Giving Feedback
  • Checking Listening Style – An Assessment Exercise
  • The importance of Paraphrasing
  • Developing Empathetic Listening
  • Asking Questions


Practical situations from Business, Industry and Home are considered. Listening Skills, Self Evaluation, Listening Quiz, Listening Assessment Exercises, Role Play, Games, Feedbacks and Evaluations will form the essential training tools.


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