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Why Brain-Based Executive Coaching?

Research on the brain tells us that when we focus on problems or negative, undesirable behaviours, those very behaviours and problems are strengthened in the brain. Our habits, perceptions, or the way we see the world are the results of such hardwiring of our brains. This prevents new thinking, hampers performance and prevents us from achieving better results.

Brain based executive coaching focuses on present and future possibilities and solutions. This approach enables the coachee to learn new ways of thinking and develops new neural connections and ‘wiring’ in the brain.

Brain-Based Executive Coaching

Brain based Executive Coaching creates Thinking Leaders

Executive Coaching for Leaders can also focus on developing the competencies and capabilities that leaders need to think out-of-the box, make effective decisions, develop mindfulness, build mental resilience, improve their performance, inspire their teams to achieve higher organizational results.

This scientifically validated, non-directive, neuroscience based system of coaching enables people to take greater responsibility, accountability and ownership. Such an approach helps people to unleash their potential and produce high positive results.

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Relevance of Executive Coaching
Advantages of Coaching to Executives
Overall Development with Enhanced Brain Training under Expert Guidence

Relevance of Executive Coaching

A recent 2015 report on Executive Coaching by Ernst & Young-NHRDN, reveals that ‘100% of the HR leaders who responded to the survey think that the relevance of executive coaching in developing leaders in the current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) economy is increasing rapidly’.

1:1 Executive coaching is now being used by organizations as a special leadership and human resource developmental initiative, to motivate and inspire employees and leaders for faster growth.

Who will benefit from Executive Coaching?

  • Corporate Leaders who want to get coaching to lead or manage their people better.
  • CEO’s, CxO’s, Entrepreneurs, Business owners who would like to enhance their performance and leadership style by getting coached.
  • Middle, senior and top management leaders from all functional areas who wish to understand how having an executive coach can enhance their leadership capabilities.
  • HR heads that would like to consider using coaching as an HR initiative for talent management in their organizations.
  • Individuals who are willing to invest on themselves to take their work and life to the next level to fulfill their potential.

What benefits will you get from Executive Coaching?

  • Understand the benefits of Brain Based Coaching and its use in managing, developing and retaining talent under you.
  • Improve the quality of your everyday workplace interactions.
  • How to transform important conversations and dialogues with subordinates.
  • Enable a shift from problem focus to solution focus.
  • Give performance feedback with positive results.
  • Develop and lead high-impact teams towards greater productivity.
  • Build and maintain high levels of employee engagement.
  • Create a high-performance coaching culture in the organization.
  • Enhanced decision making and execution.
  • Accelerate transition into leadership roles.
  • Accelerate the process of taking your leadership to the next level.
How Executive Coach can Lead Your Career Path?

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