Excellence in Communication Skills


An overused word with underused results. Effective communication is a key factor in business success. Results in business are dependent on threevital ingredients of Communication – Understanding, Trust and Co-operation.


This is the Problem and Promise of Communication. Communication is effective only if it is properly understood.

So, the emphasis in this workshop is on Understanding: Understanding the Self, Understanding Others, Understanding Situations and then, consciously working to create better Understanding leading to trust and co-operation.


  • Communication: The Process of Creating Understanding and Trust.
  • Avoiding Communication Breakdown
  • The Barriers and Bridges to Effective Communication
  • Reinforcing Self-worth and Competence in face-to-face Communication
  • Developing Observation for Non Verbal Communication
  • Skills of face-to-face Communication
  • Understanding Communication – An Inventory
  • Factors that create impact in face-to-face communication
  • Communication Styles Assessment
  • Listening: The Risks and the Rewards
  • Problems of Poor Listening
  • Active Listening: Scope, Everyday Uses and Skills
  • Assessing Listening Styles
  • Developing Empathy in Communication
  • Asking Questions for gaining ‘Yes’ responses
  • Receiving and Giving Feedbacks
  • Impact of Feedback on Performance
  • Developing Assertiveness in face-to-face Communication
  • Saying ‘No’ whenever necessary, without affecting the relationship
  • The Process of Communication in Managing Conflict


Assessment Questionnaires, Role Plays, Games, Exercises, Group Activities, Discussions, Video Recording and Feedbacks.


2 Days-Corporate Business Communication Skills Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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