Excellence in Business Writing


From official correspondence and personal letters to business documents and technical reports, writing skills are an essential part of a business career.

Writing Skills are Assets Worth Creating

This training programme looks at Writing as a Business skill worth mastering and highlights techniques to achieve it.

Thoroughly practical in approach, it stresses all the four major areas of business writing :

  • Planning
  • Drafting/Writing
  • Editing/Revising
  • Presenting

The training is done through

  • Step by step sequence of techniques
  • Specific examples and definite guidelines

Course Content

Think before you write: Using the COAT formula in letter writing :

  • Communication (A process of creating understanding & trust.)
  • Objective (What do I want to accomplish by writing?)
  • Approach (Which is the BETTER way of doing it?)
  • Technique (Range of business, personal and technical writing)

Language Workshop

  • Point of view towards language
  • Common Problems faced by an Indian writer of English


  • The step-by-step approach
  • Active Vs Passive writing
  • Use of Action Verb principle
  • Readability analysis and formulae
  • Key word analysis in business writing.
  • Ensuring Tonal Appropriateness
  • "You", “We” and "I" attitudes
  • Structure, Form and Mechanics of Business Writing

E-mail Writing

  • The Rules of E-mail etiquette
  • Composing clear, to-the-point messages
  • Writing attention getting e-mail
  • E-mail mechanics

Specific Business Communication

  • How well do you handle your Enquiries
  • Sales Letters
  • Letters covering Complaints and Adjustments
  • Collecting Money: A Systematic Approach
  • Letters for Gathering Goodwill

Report Writing

  • Report Writing: A Case
  • Writing Readable Business Reports
  • Making Reports coherent and logical
  • Business Report as an Instrument of Management Control


  • Plan Sheets for writing, replying to letters
  • A Business writer’s Style Sheet
  • Major Writing Steps


  • Writing Workshops
  • Discussions
  • Brain Storming
  • Exercises
  • Assignments
  • Training Film
  • Review and Evaluations


2 Days-Corporate Business Writing Skills


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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