Enhancing Team Performance and Team Building

Effective teams form the heart of every successful organization. But creating and developing these teams is one of the keenest challenges organizations face. Global market competition demands that businesses learn to respond quicker with less cost and higher quality. Those organizations that are able to adapt to rapid and unpredictable levels of change will be more likely to survive in the twenty first century.

It is obvious to many in the field of human resource development that the decision making process and structures of the past cannot meet the challenges of the future. Many believe that teams are the answer and that the members of those teams should be the best qualified people available to solve problems and implement solutions.

This programme focuses on getting the best out of oneself in team working situations.


At this workshop participants will learn :

  • How teams develop
  • What are the major barriers to effective team performance
  • What are the roles critical for team success
  • Skills needed for effective team performance
  • Leadership styles of team leaders
  • Appraise one’s strengths and weaknesses as a team player
  • How to use team development to achieve higher performance levels


  • Identifying Team Roles
  • The Team Orientation Behavior Inventory
  • Building Blocks of Effective Teamwork
  • Establishing Team Tasks, Skills, Commitments and Responsibilities,
  • Behaviors and methods that facilitate or hinder effective Teamwork
  • Characteristics of High and Low Effective Teams
  • Creating a Team Vision
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Role of the Team Leader
  • Co-operative, Competitive and Collaborative approaches in Team Working
  • Enhancing Effectiveness as Team members
  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Team Performance: Feedback
  • Improving Team Performance
  • The Team Effectiveness Critique


2 Days-Corporate – Team Building Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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