Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are a part of work, family and social life. Conflicts can have a devastating effect — on productivity, morale, teamwork and, ultimately, your organization’s bottom line. This program does not promise an end to conflict. That’s impossible. But it will give you a proven approach you can easily use whenever a conflict does arise. This programme takes you from understanding the deeper issues to conflict to conflict management and finally conflict resolution.


  • What is Conflict
  • Hidden messages about conflict
  • Sources of Conflict
  • Outcomes of Conflict – destructive and constructive
  • Assumptions of Conflict.
  • Perceptions about others in conflict situations
  • The conflict cycle
  • The five root causes of all interpersonal conflict
  • Being assertive in the face of conflict
  • Listening Skills when facing conflict
  • Why people avoid resolving conflict
  • The five classical conflict management styles.
  • Evaluating conflict resolution skills.
  • Skills that make a difference in resolving conflict.


Assessment Questionnaires, Role Play, Interactive Exercises, Experiential Learning Activities, Group Activities, Film, Lecturettes, Discussions and Action Planning.


2 Days-Corporate Conflict Resolution Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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