Assertiveness Training

What is Assertiveness?

It is….
  • Expressing Yourself in a clear affirmative manner
  • Helping others around you grow by giving direct, honest feedback
  • Communicating and behaving gently but firmly, without feelings of guilt, without any intention to hurt the other
  • Getting your message across without stepping on other’s toes


Learn to behave assertively by participating in this training programme specifically designed to help you to :

  • Develop assertive behaviour for better personal and professional life
  • Be aware of your rights
  • Express your feelings, wants and ideas effectively
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Handle unfair demands and conflicts effectively
  • Say "NO" comfortably
  • Avoid being exploited or manipulated
  • Be confident and positive when speaking up


  • Understanding the four behaviour patterns Passive, Aggressive, Assertive and Manipulative
  • The processes of conditioning and socialisation influencing your behaviour
  • Responsibility and risk in each behaviour pattern
  • Assertiveness Inventory : A look within
  • The role of verbal and non-verbal communication in understanding and changing your behaviour
  • Assertive approachskills and techniques
  • Stages of Developing Assertiveness
  • Raising Self Esteem and Self Image to be Assertive
  • Communication skills to helpyou preserve your self – esteem
  • Assertive communication for handling  criticism
  • Giving Feedback Assertively
  • Practising Assertiveness at work and in personal life
  • The art of relaxation for reducing anxiety when changing your behaviour patterns

In this seminar/workshop, you will learn to behave assertively by :


  • Exploring, emoting, examining
  • Assessing your behaviour
  • Doing exercises designed for changing your behaviour
  • Role playing
  • Giving and receiving on the spot feedback
  • Experiencing experiential learning
  • Learning to relax.


2 Days-Corporate Assertiveness Training


For group and Inhouse Corporate Training.

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