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Kartik Vyas

Founder – Potentials Unlimited

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We all have immense potential, which is locked up and untapped. Kartik Vyas assists entrepreneurs, leaders, Managers and organisations with executive coaching to unleash this dormant potential.

He offers a comprehensive system of processes, methods and tools, which enables people and teams to develop new thinking, create inspiring futures, increase productivity, achieve superior results and realize their true potential.

As the founder of Potentials Unlimited, he leads a team of dedicated, widely experienced facilitators, trainers and coaches committed to the cause of engineering human excellence.

Training and Facilitation

Kartik has vast experience and expertise of 27 years, customizing training and facilitation programmes in developing Human Potential, Management Skills, Communication Skills and Leadership. He has firmly believed, that for universal, Personal and Professional Growth, meeting of the “East” and the “West” will have to become a reality. In his workshops, training programmes and seminars he infuses an inter-disciplinary approach, synthesizes the ‘age old wisdom’ of the ‘East’ with ‘Modern Neuroscience Research‘ along with cutting edge ‘training methods and techniques’.

Executive Coaching for Leaders and Managers

Kartik works with corporate leaders including CEO’s, CxO’s, who wish to take their leadership to the next level, as well as with senior managers and high potential employees who wish to transform themselves into leaders in today’s demanding business environment. This scientifically validated, Neuroscience based system of executive coaching is designed to develop and grow them by stretching, challenging and assisting them to add value to themselves, the organization, engage their teams and people at a deeper level and produce higher positive results.

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Individual Coaching

The Neuroscience based coaching system that Kartik specializes in, brings brain-based research into the life of individuals to enable them to achieve significant breakthroughs in their professional and personal lives. Such coaching focuses on helping the coachee learn in ways that enables the coachee to keep growing. It is based on provoking new thinking rather than giving directions, which create new connections in the brain and on holding people accountable for their goals to help them achieve higher levels of balanced success and fulfillment.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneurs set up businesses, take on financial risks, and solve some vital problem of their customers through the products or services they offer. They obviously desire to succeed through their entrepreneurial acumen. Entrepreneur coaching is designed to ensure that their brainpower and mind power are harnessed and channelized for their individual optimum growth and that of their business. Kartik use an inter-disciplinary suite of processes and techniques from Neuroscience, emotional intelligence, behavioural science, yoga psychology to coach entrepreneurs towards their desired business and personal outcomes.

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